Bio ACE Excell Capsules 150 Blackmores


Bio ACE Excell Capsules 150 Blackmores

  • brand: Blackmores
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  • Formulation: Capsule
  • Type: Supplement

Blackmores Bio ACE Excell with grape seed + Selenium is a complete antioxidant formula that helps reduce the risk of cell damage attributed to free radicals. Powerful leading edge antioxidant formulation combining antioxidant herbs, vitamins and minerals in a single, easy to swallow capsule. The latest research confirms free radicals damage our cells and contribute to sub-optimum health and many diseases. Because antioxidants work best in combination, Bio ACE Excell with grape seed + Selenium helps to ensure enhanced health protection in combating the damage caused by free radicals. Easy-to-swallow capsule


Combines the antioxidant herbs Grape seed and Milk Thistle with betacarotene, vitamins C and E and selenium for improved synergistic action:

  • Natural source vitamin E has approximately twice the bioavailability of synthetic vitamin E

  • Grape seed - a potent antioxidant which aids in the maintenance of peripheral circulation and not only protects against oxidative stress, but may also repair and restore the damage inflicted by free radicals - especially in the skin and blood vessels

  • Milk Thistle - a liver tonic with potent free radical scavenging activity. (The liver, being the bodyäó»s major organ of detoxification, is particularly susceptible to free radical damage)

  • Folic acid and vitamins B1 and B12 - have an essential role in the metabolism of the amino acid homocysteine; elevation of this risk factor in the blood is a risk factor in the development of cardio-vascular disease

  • Selenium - performs many vital functions in the body.

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