Alcohol Tips for the Holiday Season

Alcohol Tips for the Holiday Season

Socializing, making drink concoctions and making merry this holiday wouldn't be the same without alcohol. But for those of us who are health and weight conscious, adding alcohol this holiday season makes this a tough one to balance. Here's why:

Alcohol is the Second Most Potent Source of Calories

A party with alcohol is fun because we like the feeling of boozed in our body, but this alcohol intoxication comes with a caloric price tag. One gram of alcohol is 7 calories, which is more than one gram of fat ( 9 calories).


We Don't Burn Extra Calories to Metabolize Alcohol


Not like we do from digesting carbs, fat, and protein. This phenomenon, called the "thermic effect of food", refers to the energy we use to digest food into small, absorbable components. Because alcohol is so easy to absorb, it enters our bloodstream without burning extra calories.


Your Liver Does the Dirty Work


Because alcohol is seen as a toxin, the liver prioritizes metabolizing alcohol first which means you won't be burning calories from other sources while that happens. The liver is only able to clear alcohol at a rate of around one-ounce liquor per hour, which is why consuming more than this will leave you feeling tipsy.


Alcohol Makes your Blood Sugar Drop, Making you Want to Reach for the Carbs


The liver helps keep our blood sugar steady, but a liver busy at work metabolizing alcohol can't do this effectively, causing your blood sugar to drop and stay low until the alcohol is metabolized. This explains why you crave carbs and wake up the next day with a headache.


Alcohol Calories that Aren't Burned will be Stored as Fat


This is true for all extra calories eaten no matter the source, but what makes alcohol calories worse is that they are stored in your liver first. It takes time for the liver to ship out the alcohol-induced fat for proper storage in your fat cells. If the liver doesn't do this fast enough (or if you drink too much, too often) the fat stuck in your liver and around your abdomen giving you what we refer to jovially as a "beer belly."


This, of course, doesn't mean you need to completely dodge all social sips this season. Here are some tips to help prevent you from gaining too much of your holiday cheer.


1. Pour Yourself Half as Much

This will help you limit yourself to one or two drinks per party.


2. Avoid Higher Calorie Mixed Drinks

Forgo eggnog, margaritas, mudslides and other sugary mixed drinks - or have one and considered it dessert.


3. Alternate Between Having Alcohol and Water

You'll stay well hydrated.


4. Sip Slowly

Take the time to enjoy your alcoholic beverage.




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